Co-operation between HİDRO-MAK and KIRCHHOFF ECOTEC

Co-operation between HİDRO-MAK and KIRCHHOFF ECOTEC

Co-operation between HİDRO-MAK and KIRCHHOFF ECOTEC

KIRCHHOFF ECOTEC with its strong brands FAUN and ZOELLER and HİDRO-MAK, who has a strong brand of Turkey in the body up fit structure sector, decided to combine their forces.

HİDRO-MAK proceed to providing service to its customers just as always happens with gained a strength from this union.

In the upcoming period, when companies’ product portfolios, especially waste collection road sweeper and various machine equipment continuing to produce locally, companies complementing each others with experiences and knowledge.

This step taken for Turkey and for future

In the Middle East, Asia and Africa, HİDRO-MAK, who has put it’s signature under important successes, will have an important contributes to the increasing the our country’s export numbers for body up fit structure and commercial vehicle. Our Country’s advantage of location and success of this market will increase higher orders by force of this partnership. This success will be example to body up fit structure producers in Turkey and in the World and will guide to such kind of partnerships.

HERMANSPANN: Hidromak will be our strong partner

Faun Group CEO Patrick HERMANSPANN, in his explanation related partnership: “ HİDRO-MAK completing KIRCHHOFF ECOTEC proficiently. We are looking forward to welcoming the team and proprietor families into our network. Hidromak will be a strong and flexible partner.”

BAZMANOĞLU: We will make use of FAUN and ZOELLER ‘s experiences

HIDRO-MAK CEO, Ahmet BAZMANOĞLU, underlines the advantage by actual partnership, said in his explanation: “We will make use of FAUN and ZOELLER’s experiences and technical speciality. We will be able to learn from each other and strengthen our positions.”

HİDRO-MAK gives render service such as on-vehicle equipment manufacturing, parts provision and repair and maintenance services to their customers since 1961. Through the half century, HİDRO-MAK, which follows closely changings in the world and also technology. Today it is one of the biggest and pioneer producing companies.

Close by 35 country, from Russia to South Africa, from Italy to Azerbaijan, from Portugal to Saudi Arabia, HİDRO-MAK lands a sale that export to the abroad. HİDRO-MAK, whose production power on international standard be accepted throughout the world, exports % 50 of its total manufaction.

FAUN is 164 years Company that founded 1845 and FAUN Environment is born in 1922. They have international operations in many countries and worldwide FAUN has more than 1,000 employees. FAUN is a Group Company of Kırchhoff at the same time the fourth generation of the Kirchhoff family working for the family business.

Faun supports its customers with high performance, high quality refuse collection vehicles and road sweepers day in day out. To be successful, we work relentlessly to improve our technologies and to optimise every detail. Everything is aimed at making our products progressive, effective, economic, and reliable.