Technical Information


Hooklift made for take on the truck and transport open or closed containers. According to DIN 30722 norm container tahe on the truck, locks with special lock mechanism and gets ready to transport. Hooklift loading precess, when the hooklift container is on ground, with opening lift arm in to the gip and with help of purchase, pulls the containers on the truck by folding lifting arm. At the same time the Hooklift lifting arm practises topple process,again opens for out down the container from on the vehicle, puts down the container and closes. For capacity 8*28 tone and 34 tone lifting capacity Hooklifts and suitable to those Hooklifts can produce containers.


Hooklift Technical Specification (HL 8)
Body Length3800-5000 mm
Lifting Capacity8.000 kg
Lifting Degree45-50 degree
Oil Tank Capacity120 lt
Operation Cycle65 sec
Container Weight2.500-3.200 kg
Hook Height950 mm
Control SystemMEchanic
Hydraulic Pump65 lt /min
Hook Weight1.150 kg
Hooklift Technical Specification (HL 26)
Body Length5000-6000 mm
Lifting Weight26.000 kg
Lifting Angle45-50 degree
Oil Tank Capacity140 lt
Operation Cycle140 sec
Container Weight2.900-3.200 kg
Hook Height1.600 mm
Control SystemMechanic
Oil Pump65 lt/min
Hook Weight1.350 kg
Hooklift Technical Specification (HL 34)
Body Length6.000-7.300 mm
Lifting Capacity34.000 kg
Lifting Angle45-50 degree
Oil Tank Capacity160 lt
Operation Cycle160 sec
Body Weight3.200-4.000 kg
Hook Height1.600 mm
Control SystemMechanic
Hydraulic Pump85 lt
Hook Weight1.350 kg