Monoblok Garbage Truck Body
Technical Information

Monoblok Garbage Truck Body

The Monoblok is a rapid and economic solution in collection garbage. İt Provides a modern, Clean and an innovative appearence fort he environment. It has a 100% leakage-proof quality and it is much lighter than the other ones since, in this compactor there is no rear cover system present .

MiniPacker can transfer Waste to other Refuse collection vehicle
This compactor can make transfer to rear loading garbage compactors. (Please watch our monoblok / minipacker video)
Minipacker Leak Proof
MiniPacker / Monoblok, garbage compactor has't got rear gate. Because of this it is completly leak proof.
MiniPacker is suitable for narrow street
Suitable for narrow street
Maxi Tiper- Mekanik Özellikler
Body Volume5-7 m3
Floor4 mm ST-52
Sides3-4mm ST-52
Chasis5 mm
Loading Height1930 mm
Maual Loading Height1480 mm
Ecotwin- Hidrolik Özellikler
Operation TypeAutomatic, Manual,
Num. of Hydraulic Cylinders5
Compaction Ratio1:3 ( for Home Type Wastes)
Operational Pressure150-170 bar
Hydraulic Pump34-73 cm3/rev
Oil Tank60-80 lt
PTO750 - 1500 rpm
Operation Cycle24-40 sec
  • Container Lifting Device
    Container Lifting Device

    Optional, Moboblok Garbage Body has a metal or plastic container lifting device.

MiniPacker :How to unloading Garbage?
Garbage can unloading with ejecting plate. there is no tipper system. it is very safe for landfill area.
Is Pto necessary?
Yes, Pto must be on your Truck. Also Monoblok needs ECU or PSM unit for connecting truck engine module.