Rear Loading Hydraulic Garbage Compactor Equipped with Overhead Crane

HV1000 is designed and manufacturing by Hidro-Mak R&D department. HV1000 is easy to use for, Sotkon, Molok, Ovas, Nord etc Underground Container System

Hacim Kaybı yoktur
Vinç, çöp kamyonunun gövdesinin üstüne yerleştirildiği için, hacim kaybı yoktur.
7m/1 ton capacity
Lateral reach 7m 1 ton is suitable heavy containers and waste.
  • Atachment for the Mushroom head type
    Atachment for the Mushroom head type

    Mushroom Atachment for lifting and discharge underground container (Nord, Ovas etc)

  • Double Hook
    Double Hook

    Double Hook is using for, lifting and discharging under ground containers.( Molok, Teksin Containers etc.)

What is the most important factors for chosing undergorund Containers
Container weight Container Unloading Type Area Position ( Underground, landscape, road slope)