Completely Round Body Garbage Compactor
Technical Information

Completely Round Body Garbage Compactor

In design of body, body lateral up- down profiles removed, gained in strength with using more quality materials in body steel plates by special design construction method. With this design, rear loaded garbage compactor kerb weight is reduced more and due to that payload capacity is increased.

Besides by smooth side walls reached more esthetics and modern view. With these additional characteristics, cleaning and maintanence becomes more easier.
Equipment working principle is same with standart rear loading garbage compactor. Garbage emptied to the rear hopper is taken inside the body after a compression process by a squential movement of slide and compaction plates. Compression system can be controlled both by mechanical (manual) system via hand levers and by automatic (electrical) system via push buttons.

Garbage is push out through from body by discharging plate that moves by means of double acting telescopic cyclinder. It is kept at the rear of the body when it is empty and moved automaticaly to the front of body by pressure valve as the garbage is started to packed and pressed inside body. 


Ligter Body helps to more peyload
Strong Body Construction
Using more quality materials in body steel plates by special design construction method. we tested in the Solidworks and the working condition
More Clean
In design of body, body lateral up- down profiles removed. and it is help to clean easily.
Garbage Compactor Side Technical Specifications
Body Volume6-26 m3
Tailgate (Rear Hopper )Volume0,8 - 2 m3
Floor Steel Sheet3-5mm ST%' (S355J2) veya equivalent
Lateral Steel Sheet3-5mm St52 (S355J2) or equivalent
Container Lifting System120-240-1100 Plastik (Optional) ; 04,081,1 m3 (Optional)Metal
Supplementary Chassis5-6 mm(reinforcement) U profile
Loading Height1000-1400 mm
Waste Water Tank100-150 lt (optional)
Arm Lifting system3-5m3 (optional)
Hydramotor - rope System3-5 m3 cotainer (optional)
PaintPriming + Synthetic
Garbage Body Hydraulic Specification
Operation TypeAutomatic, Manual , Auromatic + Manual
Number of Hydraulic Cyclinders9 unit (changes according to the container lifting assembly)
Compaction Ratio5:1 / 6:1 (for home type wastes)
Hydraulic Pump36 - 90 cm3/rev - maks 1500 rev/m
Working Pressure170 -190 bar
Oil Tank80 - 240 lt
which countries hidromak exported refuse body?
We are exporting our products to "Algeria, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Libya, Greece, İran, Italy, Romania, Iraq, Portugal, Syria, South Africa, Egypt, Marocco, Azerbaijan , Ukraina, Russia, Ivory Coast, Kazakhstan, Kosova, Sudan, U.A.E., Kuveyt, Pakistan, Tunusia, Tayland, Serbia, Finland "