Maxi Tipper
Technical Information

MaXi Tipper for narrow street

Maxi Tipper was made by HidroMak, 3,5 -6 tone in vehicle group having 4-6m3 capacity, bothhave compacting and lifting container system, those vehicles feature small and maeuverability are easy solution for collecting garbage in cities.

Because of vehicle cabin entry height is low, provides comfortable use for drivers.

At the same time under the favour of transfering to the other bigger garbage truck, gives a non stop service in the crowded cities.

Container Lifting Compacting Mini Tipper is a both user friendly and environmentalist solution because of using mini vehicle.

Feature of applicability to the small vehicles
Maxi Tipper is suitable for 3,5 -6 ton Trucks.
Suitable for narrow street
Maxi tipper is for small capacity truck.
Low Investment Cost
3,5 -6 ton capacity truck cost lower than the bigger. as a result of this maxi tipper can save the investment cost.
Maxi Tiper Technical Specifications
Truck Capacity3,5 - 6 tones
Body Volume4-6m3
Compacting Rate3:1
MAximum Operating Pressure200 bar
Container Lifting Time8 sec
Container Landing Time6 sec
Compacting Cycle18 sec
Engine Speed1100 rpm