Skip Loader
Technical Information

Skip Loader

The Skip Loader design to carry containers of uncompactable solid waste has structure which extension arms, too, can be added to acoording to the need. Stabilazation legs (jacks) can be made horizontal or vertical depending on the load state. There are available on it, a total number of six hydraulic and pneumatic cyclinder for hook holding system, these being, two numbers of lifting or extending and suppression.

Skip Loader Capacities and Lengths
Lifting Capacity (max)10.000 kg
Reach Lenght2600-3700 mm
Max. Container Volume10 m3
Max.Interior Loading Platform Width2030 mm
Skip Loader Hydraulic Specification
Hydraulic PumpAccording to Skip Loader Truck
Max. Operating Pressure220 bar
Oil Tank Volume120-140 lt
HV 400- Process Times
Container Lifting Cycle45-60 sec
Container Unloading Cycle40-55 sec
Extension Arm Retraction of additional Arms10-20 sec
Stabilazition Jacks Cycle10-15 sec
P.S.Process times according to the average values of the pump operating Rate
  • Remote Control cable type)
    Remote Control cable type)

    loadin and unloading are easy to use with Remote Control

  • Telescopic Arms
    Telescopic Arms

    Teleskopic arms help to unloading and placing container according to condition.