Rear Loader Refuse  Bodies
Technical Information

Rear Loader Refuse Bodies

Rear Loaded Refuse Packer manufacturing is our core business. As a part of Faun Ecotech, we have 4-30 m3 body and 1- 5m3 rear gate capacity.

Our HidroMak Standard Rear Loader offers reliable performance, low maintenance and innovative features for every country. We change our design to your country condition. 

 Hidro-Mak also design own container lifting device for your Metal (400lt / 800lt / 1100lt ) and Plastic Containers and also adapted 3m3 to 6m3 container with special refuse continer lifting device.

Rear Loader Refuse Truck List

Garbage Truck Brand Wheelbase 

Rear Loader Refuse Compactor (m3)

Ford Cargo 18.26 DC 4250 mm 15+1,5m³
Ford Cargo 18.26 D 3800 mm 13+1,5m³
Mercedes Axor 18.29 K 3600 mm 13/15+1,5m³
Mercedes Atego 15.18 K 3560 mm 11+1m³
Mercedes Atego 15.18 K 3560 mm 12,7+1m³
Iveco 180E18 4185 mm 14/15+1,5m³
Iveco 150E18 3690 mm 11/12+1m³
Iveco 100E18 3330 mm 8/9+1m³
Isuzu NPR8 3365 mm 7+1m³
Isuzu NPR 10 3365 mm 7/8+1m³
Mitsubishi B75 3350 mm 7+1m³
Mitsubishi B75 Long 3850 mm 8+1m³
Hyundai HD75 3415 mm 7+1m³
Otokar Atlas 3360 mm 7+1m³

 We can apply any  truck chasis 7 tons to 32 tons

High Rear Refuse Collection Rear Gate Compacting Ratio
Hidro-Mak changes technical, mechanical and Hydraulic component for each truck chassis capacity. As a result of this, our Refuse Collector has high compaction rate.
Fully Compatible to Truck Chasis
Every Truck Chasis and also wheelbase is important for Hidro-Mak engineers. truck Chasis, chassis supports, and gravity center of trucks takes acount to calculation and manufacturing.
Hidro-Mak has approved by Truck Chassis Companies.
Hidro-Mak has approved by Mercedes Benz (Daimler), Ford Trucks, Otokar, MAN, Mitsubishi, Isuzu etc.
Refuse Body Bin Lifter
Hidro-Mak has a own container lifting device for many type of refuse bin. Please contact with our sales department for right choice.
All trucks chasis need a difeerent dimentions body
All Truck Chassis and technical specifications are different. Also our width height and legth different for all brand truck chasis
High Manufacturing Capacity
Our capacity is 1300 unit/year. As a result of this we can supply all refuse body on exact delivery time.
The first Refuse Body manufacturer of Turkey
HidroMAk is the first superstructure manufacturing company in Turkey. Also Hidromak is the first Refuse / Garbage Compactor bodies manufacturer. Every year we are changing our body for customer demands and needs.
Garbage Compactor Side Technical Specifications
Body Volume6 – 32 m³
Rear Gate Volume0.8 – 2 m³
Floor 3 – 5 mm ST-52 (S355J2) veya muadili
Sides3 – 5 mm ST-52 (S355J2) veya muadili
Container Lifting Device120 / 240 lt Plastik Kova, 0,4 / 0,8 / 1,1 m³ Konteyner tertibatlarından biri (DIN 30700 göre)
Chassis5 – 6 mm (takviyeli) U Profil
Loading Height1000 – 1400 mm
Waste Water100 – 150 lt (Opsiyonel)
Skip Loader ArmsOpsiyonel (3-5 m³ konteyner için)
Hydramotor Rope SystemOpsiyonel (3-5 m³ konteyner için)
PaintingAstar + Sentetik
Sıkıştırma Oranı5:1 / 6:1 (evsel atıklar için)
Garbage Body Hydraulic Specification
Hydraulic Pump36 – 90 cm³/d (cm³/rev)– maks. 1500 d/d (rpm)
Working Pressure170 – 190 bar
Oil Tank80 – 240 lt
P.T.O.750 d/d (rpm) – 1500 d/d (rpm)
Cycle time20 – 35 sn (sec.)
Working TypeAutomatic, Manuel, Automatic+Manuel
Hydraulic cylinder 9 Unit (depent on type of container lifting device)
  • Container Lifting Device for rear loaders (RCV)
    Container Lifting Device for rear loaders (RCV)

    Plastic container lifting device designed for DIN 30740 / EN 840 and more

  • Hardox

    Hardox Steel is the RCV's hopper and 2/3 Floor

  • En 1501
    En 1501

    En 1501

  • Skip Loader Lifting Device
    Skip Loader Lifting Device

    Skip Loader Lifting Device

  • İnteligent System

    İnteligent System

  • Crane for Under Ground Container
    Crane for Under Ground Container

    Hidro Mak can adapt any Under Ground Bin to your rear loaders. We have a special web page on HidroMak web sites. We have also manufacturing our crane for rear loaders or you can chose the Hiab, Fassi and Palfinger crane .

  • Arka Kapak Altı ilave su Tankı
    Arka Kapak Altı ilave su Tankı

    Arka Kapak Altı ilave su Tankı

  • Canbus PLC
    Canbus PLC

    CanBus PLC system

  • Skip Loader Container Lifting Device
    Skip Loader Container Lifting Device

    Skip Loader Container Lifting Device

  • HidroMotorlu Konteyner Kaldırma
    HidroMotorlu Konteyner Kaldırma

    HidroMotorlu Konteyner Kaldırma

  • Arka Perde sistemi
    Arka Perde sistemi

    Arka Perde sistemi

  • Araç Takip sistemi
    Araç Takip sistemi

    Araç Takip sistemi

  • Loadcell SYSTEM
    Loadcell SYSTEM

    You can choose LoadCell system or preparation of system.

  • SCK K100 Refuse Container Lifting Device
    SCK K100 Refuse Container Lifting Device

    This container lifting device only for , EN 840-1-120 lt,EN 840-1-240 lt, EN 840-1-360lt EN 840-2-flat lid, EN 840-3-dome lid .

Usefull Chasis Length
Refuse | Garbage Body Tailgate is lower than Truck Chasis We are cutting the Truck Chasis at the rear. as a result of this, our uselfull Chasis Length is smaler than the normal truck chasis usefull length.
DMO (Turkish Goverment Sales Office)
Only for Turkish Market.
What is ECU
Ecu is a system on FORD truck which all garbage body need this.
What is PSM
PSM is a shortcut of Mercedes Benz Superstructure Module.
Which Truck Companies approved to HidroMak
HidroMak approved by Daimler Chrysler Mercedes Benz, Iveco, Ford, Mitsubishi Fuso, Isuzu, Otokar Atlas, Scania, MAN .
Which are our export countries?
We are exporting our products to "Algeria, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Libya, Greece, İran, Italy, Romania, Iraq, Portugal, Syria, South Africa, Egypt, Marocco, Azerbaijan , Ukraina, Russia, Ivory Coast, Kazakhstan, Kosova, Sudan, U.A.E., Kuveyt, Pakistan, Tunusia, Tayland, Serbia, Finland "
What is the criterias for Truck
Truck Capacity, wheel base, EN 1501 module (for european countries), PTO is most important criters to choosing right Trucks Chasis.
Why Garbage Truck Hydraulic Pump Capacity different on same volume
Truck gear box output is changing. If you have same volume refuse truck with different truck, their output rpm is changing.
What is EN 1501-1+A2
İt is a regulation about refuse collection vehicles and lifting device expecialy i the safety. European countries need the refuse body with EN 1501-1+A2 standart. Refuse collection vehicles - General requirements and safety requirements - Part 1: Rear loaded refuse collection vehicles .
What is Garbage Truck and types?
Garbage truck or dustcart refers to a truck specially designed to collect municipal solid waste and haul the collected waste to a solid waste treatment facility such as a landfill. Other common names for this type of truck include trash truck in the United States, and rubbish truck, bin wagon, dustbin lorry, bin lorry or bin van elsewhere. Technical names include waste collection vehicle and refuse collection vehicle. These trucks are a common sight in most urban areas.
What is RCV
RCV : Refuse collection vehicles
what is DIN 30840 / EN 840.
DIN EN 840 is the European standard for the manufacture of mobile waste containers that specifies requirements for the dimensions and design, the performance criteria and testing, and the health and safety requirements of an containers.