Split Body , Rear Loader Refuse Collection Truck Body | Multi Chamber Vehicles

Split Body, Multi compartment Rear Loaded Garbage, refuse and recycling bodies give a flexibility to our customer to collecting solid waste and recycling waste on one truck.  Multi-Compartment Split Rear Loader.

Multi-Compartment Split Rear Loader  comes with a 70/30 and 50/50  vertically split body and comes in body sizes of 15 to 20 m3.

Working free double partition hydraulic compacting garbage body; collect domestic and packing wastes seperately by only one vehiche, seperalety stock in domestic and packing parts in one vehicle and in an attempt to provide transfer for domestic waste, tranfer to recycling plants for packing waste. Conteiner is composed of two seperate discharge shovel and two seperate container handler fitting. System are working freelance from each other. HidroMak ECO-Twin recycling compactors produced conformity to standart of CE.

Rear Loader Refuse Bodies

Rear Loaded Refuse Packer manufacturing is our core business. As a part of Faun Ecotech, we have 4-30 m3 body and 1- 5m3 rear gate capacity.

Our HidroMak Standard Rear Loader offers reliable performance, low maintenance and innovative features for every country. We change our design to your country condition. 

 Hidro-Mak also design own container lifting device for your Metal (400lt / 800lt / 1100lt ) and Plastic Containers and also adapted 3m3 to 6m3 container with special refuse continer lifting device.

High Compacting Ratio 

Rear Gate Compacting RatioHidro-Mak changes technical, mechanical and Hydraulic component for each truck chassis capacity. As a result of this, our Refuse Collector has high compaction rate.

Fully Compatible to Truck Chasis

Every Truck Chasis and also wheelbase is important for Hidro-Mak engineers. truck Chasis, chassis supports, and gravity center of trucks takes acount to calculation and manufacturing.Hidro-Mak has approved by Truck Chassis Companies.Hidro-Mak has approved by MErcedes Benz (Daimler), Ford Otosan, Otokar, MAN, Mitsubishi, Isuzu.Refuse Body Bin LifterHidro-Mak has a own container lifting device for many type of refuse bin. Please contact with our sales department for right choice.All trucks chasis need a difeerent dimentions bodyAll Truck Chassis and technical specifications are different. Also our width height and legth different for all brand truck chasis

High Manufacturing Capacity

Our capacity is 1300 unit/year. As a result of this we can supply all refuse body on exact delivery time.

The first Refuse Body manufacturer of Turkey.

HidroMAK is the first superstructure manufacturing company in Turkey. Also Hidromak is the first Refuse / Garbage Compactor bodies manufacturer. Every year we are changing our body for customer demands and needs.


As a pioner company : HidroMak