Garbage Truck for Sale

We are manufacturing many type of refuse collection vehicles (RCV). Garbage Truck , Mini Tipper, Skip Loader, and more.

Refuse Collection Vehicle (RCV)

We have wide range Refuse Collection Vehicles. Rear Loaded, Split Body, Road Sweeper and Side Loader Garbage Compactor are only the some of them.

Hidromak is the first garbage compactor manufacturer in Turkey.

Export Countries:  Egypt, Algeria, Sudan, Iraq, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Libya, Lebanon, Palestine, Mauritania, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain,  BulgariaMacedonia NigeriaGreece, Iran, ItalyRomaniaIraqPortugal, South AfricaAzerbaijan , UkrainaRussiaIvoryCoastKazakhstan, Kosova, Pakistan, Tayland,Serbia , Finland.

All these countries have diffrent condition and spects and we have different solution.

Our registered slogan is " Smart Price, Smart Choice".

Rear Loading  Garbage Truck 

In the “Rear Loading  Garbage Truck Bodies”, taking the garbage discharged into the rear hopper into the body and compacting it is being realized by means of the sequential movements performed by the slide and the compacting mechanism/cylinders. The processes of discharging the garbage into the rear bunker and taking it into the case and compacting it are controlled both, mechanically and electrically. Discharging the compacted trash from inside the body is ensured by the double acting hydraulic telescopic cylinder when it moves ahead the discharging plate. 

“Rear Loader Refuse Compactor ” is a rapid and an economic solution in garbage collection in addition to the fact that it is a safe and a practical job for the workers and it provides also a modern and a neat appearance.

HIDRO-MAK rear loaders  are being produced in compliance with  EN 1501-1+A2 and CE Standards. (optional)

About HidroMak

A Half Century Reliability, Knowledge and Experience

HİDRO-MAK gives render service for as body-upfit equipment manufacturing sector (that can be applied on vehicles), spare part supply and repair and maintenance services to their customers since 1961. Through the half century, HİDRO-MAK, which follows closely shangings in the world and also in technology, today it is one of the biggest and pioneer producing companies.

Professional Team, High Production Capacity

From its engineering department to production line, from its sale team to its management staff, HİDRO-MAK is in the area of 7.000 m2 of closed, total area is 11.000 m2, has the basis capacity for fulfilling the customers needswith its 100 people of employees.

High Quality, Functional Designment

Close by 40 country, from Russia to South Africa, from Italy to Azerbaijan, from Portugal to Saudi Arabia, HİDRO-MAK lands a sale that export to the abroad.

HİDRO-MAK, whose manufacture power on international standard be accepted throughout the world, exports % 45 of its total production.